Public comments are sought on the Draft Control of Tobacco Products and Electronic Delivery Systems Bill

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DENOSA commemorate JUNE 16

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DENOSA President address the start of three-day NEC meeting in Pretoria. 

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DENOSA held bi-lateral meeting with DPSA Minister at DENOSA Head Office in Pretoria on 26 July 2017


DENOSA National Office Bearers (NOBs) held a two-hour bi-lateral meeting with Minister of Public Service and Administration (DPSA) as employer in government, Ms Faith Muthambi, at DENOSA Head Office in Pretoria yesterday afternoon (26 July 2017). 

The meeting gave DENOSA an opportunity to raise pressing and pertinent issues that are a make-or-break in the contribution of nurses in the public servi...ce that the Department must give urgent attention to and prepare for in the next round of wage and conditions of service negotiations in the public sector, which are around the corner. 

Most issues were emphasising the need for government to have a proper recruitment and rention plan of nurses in the public service. 

These issues are:

Uniform Allowance: (endless delays in implementation of the existing agreement on this in provinces).

White Uniform: (enforcement of this by provinces).

Government Employees Housing Scheme (GEHS): (It must not be a project gone wrong just like GEMS has become now and more punishing to nurses).

Urgent need for intervention of DPSA on oustanding matters to prevent the strike in the form of the 2010 strike: 

PMDS: (The need to review it. ts implementation in provinces and endless delays, or waiting for Denosa to strike before it is implemented).

Chronic Shortage of Nursing Personnel: (Poor HR Planning and budgeting and endless delays even in hiring of replacement staff). 

OSD: (The endless call by labour to review this and redress its poor interpretation and implementation in provinces and institutions, and the need for government to come to the party and honour its part). 

Rural Allowance: (Urgent need for review this and cater for lower catecogy nurses as well, which is long overdue in terms of review best replica watches).

Danger Allowance: (Urgent need to review this, which is long overdue, and for it to include nurse cadres in different risky sections such as Casualty, TB, clinics, CHCs etc). 

As soon as the next rounds of negotiations are about to get underway, DENOSA structures will commence with the collection of mandates from members at institutions. DENOSA urges workers and particularly its members to make use of this process and contribute fully. The mandate from unions that are recognised in the bargaining chamber will be consolidated into a uniform mandate from organised labour.