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DENOSA North West outraged by divulging nurses who exposed bogus doctor 

Media statement   
Thursday, 26 May 2016   
The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) in North West is outraged by the conduct of the Department of Health in handling the illegal abortion and bogus doctor matter which occurred at Brits Hospital. The department has divulged the names of the whistle-blowers, who are mostly nurses. DENOSA’s concern is that this revelation has exposed their lives to a potential danger. 
The people who are involved in these horrendous crimes of illegal street abortions operate in powerful syndicate networks with some government officials and some community members, and therefore it would be easy to track down the concerned nurses as they have been identified openly by the employer.  
DENOSA in the province vehemently condemns the exposure of the names of nurses by the Department of Health. The anonymity of the patriotic whistle-blowers who act in the best interest of the public should be maintained at all times. It behooves the department of health to protect its own employees and not to compromise them in a way that it did on this matter. 
Divulging of names of the nurses by the department of Health defeats the efforts and aims of mobilising everyone to come forward and work in harness with state security and other stakeholders in fighting crime and corruption. It subsequently demoralizes all the people who intend to uproot and destroy illegal acts within our society.  
It was myopic and shameful for the Department of Health to act so inconsiderably in a manner in which they did. Therefore DENOSA demands an apology to all nurses mentioned in all social media platforms by the Department of Health, as well as their protection from any imminent moves by syndicate networks who may be busy tracking them down with the aim of eliminating them from society. If anything happens to those nurses, the Department must be held accountable.  
We further demand an urgent meeting with the Department to deal with all possible ramifications of their conduct and also to develop a way forward in preventing the similar incidence in future. 
Issued by the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) in North West
For more information, contact: 
Thabiso Mokgosi, DENOSA Provincial Secretary in North West 
Mobile: 0824113545