DENOSA Northern Cape "20-not-out" Celebration

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DENOSA Northern Cape awards dedicated and selfless nurse in the province

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DENOSA embarks on TB Awareness campaign and hands over 200 stethoscopes for nurses at primary healthcare facilities in the NHI pilot site

DENOSA in the Northern Cape embarked on a Tuberculosis (TB) Awareness campaign in the National Health Insurance (NHI) pilot site of Pixley Ka Seme District on 21 August in Barcelona where it also handed over 200 stethoscopes to nurses in primary health around the district. 

The devices will be used for diagnostic purposes by nurses functioning at the Primary Health Care level.  

DENOSA worked closely with officials from the Department of Health in the District during this awareness.  About 90 households were visited and educated on TB, the importance of getting tested, support for those diagnosed with TB and the importance of adherence to medication and basic Infection and Prevention Principles.  Information pamphlets and playing cards with health information like TB, Male Circumcision and HIV/AIDS were also given to households.  

DENOSA Provincial Chairperson, Kagisho Martin Taolo, expressed concerns around the statistics of TB in some areas of the province and say they raise a need to continue to play an active role in educating communities about communicable and non-communicable diseases.  “We salute the nurses and care givers for their efforts in trying to bring down the statistics of TB in the province,” he says.  

Handing over the 200 stethoscopes to the Department of Health in the NHI pilot district in the province was the second part of the programme on the day. “As a nursing organisation, we fully support the realisation of the NHI in the province, specifically in the Pixley Ka Seme as a pilot site.  The critical element in the success of NHI is availability of resources for health workers to utilise and improve patients’ lives. We handed over these devices to the representative of the Department of Health, Ms Rachel Mosimanewapula a member of the District Clinical Specialist Team (primary healthcare nurses) in the district.”