DENOSA Northern Cape "20-not-out" Celebration

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DENOSA Northern Cape awards dedicated and selfless nurse in the province

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DENOSA shop stewards lead nurses to CEOs office over non-payment of allowance in Kimberley 

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DENOSA recruitment campaign taken to Northern Cape

DENOSA took its nationwide recruitment campaign to Northern Cape from 7 December to 11 December, where it calls on all nurses to unite under one umbrella for a stronger voice.
From Monday 7 December to Wednesday 9 December, the campaign was taken to Kimberley Hospital Complex, West End Hospital as well as clinics and Community Healthcare Centres in and around Northern Cape.
DENOSA Professional Institute (DPI) has also come in to complemebt the campaign by holding dialogues workshops with nurses, nurse educators and nurse managers.
On Monday, DPI was at Henrieta Stockdale Nursing College in Kimberley on Health Workers For Change programme. On the same day, the same workshop was held at Kimberley Hospital Complex with nurses.
On Tuesday, DPI held a dialogue with nurse managers at Kalahari Lodge in Kimberley on the role of nurse managers in the delivery of effective, efficient and transfomative healthcare.