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DENOSA KZN disturbed by Health Department’s flip-flopping on its promise to prioritize unemployed nurses  

Media statement  

Tuesday, 27 August 2019  

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) in KwaZulu-Natal is highly disturbed by the KZN Health Department’s two-tongues in as far its promise to first prioritize the absorption of the 270 unemployed nurses who completed their community services and yet it advertises vacancies for professional nurses for various hospitals without first fulfilling this promise. 

Following our engagements with the department last year over the need to absorb nurses who are unemployed and some of whom have completed their community service, the Department issued a circular (Circular 74 of 2018) instructing all heads of institutions and districts to halt all advertisements and interviews of advertised posts as a matter of urgency until outstanding unemployed nurses have been absorbed – those who have completed their community service as well as those who have gone through bridging from being enrolled nurses to becoming professional nurses.

DENOSA is surprised that this past week there have been advertisements of professional nurses’ positions and yet more than 270 nurses who have completed their year of community service between January and July this year are still sitting at home unemployed.    

“From the group of January currently we are having about 20 out of the two hundred. We appreciate this effort,” says DENOSA KZN Provincial Secretary, Mandla Shabangu. 


“We are still struggling with July group, however, where about 250 remain unemployed. Our suggestion was that all posts that become available through resignations and retirement should be immediately filled with these nurses who are awaiting for employment.” 


DENOSA is concerned that, lately, hospitals like Inkosi Albert Luthuli, Umphumulo, Port Shepstone and Dumbe CHC continue to advertise posts, thus disregarding the circular the department issued last year.


We have raised these issues with the principals of the department and we have requested an urgent meeting with the HOD to deal with these issues. The meeting will be held either tomorrow or Thursday. 


DENOSA would like to inform the affected nurses that we are working on resolving this issue as a matter of urgency.




Issued by DENOSA in KwaZulu-Natal 

For more information, contact:


Mandla Shabangu, Provincial Secretary

Mobile: 071 643 3369