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DENOSA National Student Movement statement on the COVID-19 and suspension of classes in higher learning institutions.

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DENOSA National Student Movement statement on the COVID-19 and suspension of classes in higher learning institutions.

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Amidst all the uncertainty and panic regarding the Corona Virus in South Africa, the DENOSA Student Movement is certain about one thing; the Safety and Wellbeing of student nurses in South Africa is our number one priority.

We, therefore, call for all cooperation of all concerned bodies in ensuring the safety of all students throughout the country.

We would like to commend all institutions who have recognised the importance of ensuring that nursing students and all students at large are not at risk of exposure by suspending academic programmes.

We acknowledge that nursing is an essential service and we recognise and commend all nurses holding the fort and those directly and fearlessly responsible for the care and nursing of those infected with the Corona Virus.

It’s an unfortunate event what we are seeing and we have to act with precise caution to guard and protect the lives and wellbeing of our upcoming workforce. Let them not be subjected to this risky and overwhelming environment at this stage like the readily qualified.

This is a national crisis and no institution should be defiant of any protocols put in place to ensure the safety of the Nation. Especially if this defiance poses a risk to all parties concerned.

We should be reminded that students are expected to be in clinical areas and some even reside in residences in the same premises as healthcare institutions, we, therefore, cannot deny the direct threat that this poses upon them. Should a student contract the virus whilst at work or in the institution's residence, there are no protocols in place to not only protect other student's but to ensure that this student is safe from academic exclusion resulting from ill-health.

We would like to call upon all institutions to strategize contingency plans to ensure that students are not forced to forfeit the academic year and clinical hours due to this National disaster. More-so The South African nursing council as the regulatory body should be the one to champion these strategies amidst this unforeseen crisis.

We are greatly disappointed by the notice released by the SANC at this time, we believe that this is not the time for SANC to be closing its doors on nurses. Instead, they should be standing hand-in-hand, or rather elbow to elbow, with Nurses of all ranks in keeping the nursing profession functional amidst this disaster.

They should ensure that nurses and nursing students are not left compromised by this disruption. This includes timeous issuing of Community service certificates to community service nurses, ensuring that Suspension of Academic programmes is not at the expense of the students, amongst others.

We would also like to encourage all nursing institutions to suspend academic and clinical programmes to ensure the safety of Students and to mitigate the spread of this Coronavirus. We will engage with the SANC, institutions of higher learning and all stakeholders on plans to be put in place.

We are more than ready to be actively involved with our nurses and communities on awareness programmes and Education.




Issued by DENOSA National Student Movement

For enquiries:

Sphumelele Zime Blose
National secretary
DENOSA student movement
Cell: 079 300 4409

Nathaniel Mabelebele
National chairperson
DENOSA student movement
Cell: 071 684 1646