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Outcomes of DENOSA engagement with KZN Department of Health regarding placement of community service nurses

Dear DENOSA Community service nurses.

This is to update you that DENOSA met with KZN Department of Health on 11 July, in the presence and intervention of DDG, about the placement of commservers and specifically DENOSA members in the province, and the following are the outcomes of today's meeting:

- DENOSA demanded that appointment letters to community service nurses be from the 1st of July 2017 so that commservers are not inconvenienced financially and in terms of time of doing their community service. The Department acceded to DENOSA's demands and appointment letters for our commservers will be from the 1st of July 2017 (the time students are staying at home from 1st July now will be regarded as part of their leave and they will be paid from the 1st of July 2017). 

This is a victory for DENOSA and its members. The matter has been concluded, and all commservers are allocated institutions that they will be working at. Appointment letters are being sent out to commservers. 

DENOSA appreciates the intervention of the DDG, because if it was not for the DDG the students' could have been inconvenienced unnecessarily and their appointment letters could have said they commence in August 2017. 

DENOSA appreciates the commservers and DENOSA members for their persistence in trusting DENOSA. 

Commservers who would like to access this information, it is contained in Circular 67 of 2017. 

Yours in nurses struggle.