DENOSA Western Cape Provincial Congress. 

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DENOSA Limpopo concludes its 8th Provincial Congress 

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DENOSA nurses in Northern Cape demand payment from HR in JTG District 

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Become a breast Health Advocate and saves lives

One in eight women are at risk of developing breast cancer in South Africa; and many of those women remain undiagnosed.  

DENOSA attended the launch of Breast Healthcare Online training platform on 26 October 2018 in Sandton, Johannesburg, which was hosted by the Breast Health Foundation. 

The platform is aimed at promoting women’s health and stopping women from dying of breast cancer. During the launch, a series of expertise nd inspirations were shared by Dr. Carol Benn, a globally renowned specialist, surgeon and head of the Helen Joseph and Netcare Breast Care Centre, and Lilian Dube, a South African Breast Health Advocate and Celebrity.  

The Foundation encourages and invites health professionals to help build a movement of Breast Health Advocates by signing up on the Foundation’s website to become certified Breast Health Advocates and stopping women from dying of cancer.