Celebrating 25 years of uniting nurses


Dr Tendani Mabuda. Director of Nursing Education: Western Cape Department of Health and Wellness on Western Cape College of Nursing as a centre for higher education

Transitional arrangement: public colleges can offer qualification on the higher education sub-framework while waiting to be deemed as public higher education colleges.

Now we have to comply with the requirements of the CHE.

As WC, we are guided by our provincial nursing strategy, which spells out the need for WC Health and Wellness 2030.

“The staffing is another implication. The staffing requirement are quite different now in that educator’s level of education must be higher than the level at which they teach.”

We have installed Video Conferencing equipment and Library system, Symphony makes it easy to conduct training.

We have invested lots of money on simulation laboratory and, where we don’t have buildings, we enter into lease agreement with buildings.

Qualification development goes hand in hand quality assurance. We have hired coordinators in subjects and many other required areas.

Enrolment plan:

Challenges: delays in accreditation programmes. Over the past three years, we have not been training nurses on post-graduate programmes. We just had COVID, and we lost nurses. But we can’t train them.

Reduced numbers of students.

Lecturers must be one level higher. In dealing with that, and college students are still not eligible for NSFAS funding.

Accredited for under graduate programs and 7 PGDs.

This was made possible by close collaborations with MEC, HOD and all other leaders.

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