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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are DENOSA head offices based?

The head offices of DENOSA are based in Pretoria, at no 605 Stanza Bopape Street, Arcadia. They can be contacted telephonically on 012 343 2315.

How much is DENOSA membership?

The monthly subscription is R36 for students, and R86 for all nurses per month.
For members paying over the counter or in the bank, a 12 month payment is advised.

How do I join DENOSA?

You can apply at any DENOSA provincial office, or online at www.denosa.org.za
Alternatively, we can fax or email you the DENOSA joining form. Kindly contact DENOSA on
0123432315, and we will make it happen.

Is DENOSA a college or school of nursing?

No, DENOSA is not a nursing education institution (NEI). We are a nursing association, representing all interests of nurses in various areas such as nursing practice, research, nursing education, nursing policies, and also advancing their socio-economic interests. DENOSA has members who are in the nursing practice, nursing education (both educators and students) and those in research.

Who can become a DENOSA member?

According to the DENOSA constitution, for a person to become a member of DENOSA, they must first be registerable with the nursing regulatory body, the South African Nursing Council (SANC) while they are practicing nursing are pursuing a qualification into nursing.

Is DENOSA a trade union or an association?

DENOSA plays a dual role of a nursing association and a trade union, as means to represent nurses holistically as both professionals and workers.

What are the benefits of belonging to DENOSA?

DENOSA membership offers a variety of benefits for belonging to it. These include:

R5 million indemnity cover when you charged and found personally liable;

Assistance with statement writing;

Case representation in the workplace;

Salary negotiations and conditions of service in the workplace;

Access to library services and assistance with literature list for research work;  

A 10% discount at DENOSA bookshop;

Bi-monthly Nursing Update magazine;

A funeral cover benefit for the member and their nucleus family;

Bursary opportunities;

Travel grant opportunities.  

How do I take part in DENOSA activities?

DENOSA has constitutional structures that have activities at branch (institutional), local, regional, provincial and national levels where its members can take part in. These activities can include meetings about workplace issues, election of representatives (shop stewards) marches etc.

Does DENOSA offer training?

Yes, DENOSA offers training opportunities through its partnerships with stakeholders its professional institute.

Why is DENOSA affiliated to COSATU?

Between the establishment of DENOSA on 5 December 1996 and 1998, DENOSA was not affiliated to any trade union federation. In 1998, however, and after intense internal discussions within DENOSA, it was resolved that DENOSA be affiliated to COSATU as a means to advance the socio-economic interests of its members in the workplace.

A reflection and assessment of this decisions are done every four years during national congresses, whether to remain affiliated to COSATU or not.  

When did DENOSA affiliate to ICN and why?

Before DENOSA was formed in 1996, there was no representation of South Africa to the International Council of Nurses (ICN), which is a global nursing place where global and national policies and health are influenced. No later than a year after its establishment, DENOSA applied to be affiliated to ICN in 1997 as a National Nursing Association (NNA) for South Africa.

As a result of this affiliation, DENOSA was then able to bring the necessary training and continuous professional development opportunities for South African nurses.    

Can nurses working outside South Africa be DENOSA members?

No. We do not cover nurses practicing outside the borders of South Africa.

Does DENOSA cover foreign nurses?

DENOSA covers foreign nurses who are practicing in South Africa, if they are registered with the South African Nursing Council (SANC).

Is DENOSA part of the Government?

No. DENOSA is a non-profit organisation of nurses, solely established by nurses for nurses with its own constitution that outlines how it is governed.

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