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Labour Wing

In terms of the South African

Labor Laws every employee has a right to participate in forming a trade union or a federation of trade unions and to join a trade union subject to its constitution.

DENOSA is a trade union for nurses and midwives; therefore this department is responsible for collective bargaining to determine wages, terms and conditions of employment and other matters of mutual interest with the employers (both public and private). To strengthen nurses’ collective bargaining power, DENOSA has affiliated to the biggest federation Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU).

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The core business of the unit

To deal with matters relating to Collective bargaining, organizing by way of recruiting, educating leadership of all levels
formally and informally and continuously campaigning as per the organization’s mandate i.e.
CORE business per component:

  • BARGAINING: Representatives from the unit together with the Provincial Negotiators sit at NEDLAC,
    PSCBC, PHSDSBC, HWSETA Board, GEMS Board and COSATU JMC for the Public Sector Health
    Institutions and at Different Private sector groups bargaining units (NETCARE, HIBISCUS Mediclinic
  • ORGANIZING: Recruitment and retention of members is an ongoing strategy to ensure that members are
  • CAMPAIGNS: Campaigning takes place from time to time as per the mandate of the organization. The
    following are standing campaigns: PPE, Marketing Nursing at Schools, and Plight of a Nurse. The current
    8 th National Congress resolved on the following campaigns …
  • EDUCATION: Collective Bargaining relies mostly on Labour Law and Labour Relations. With contentious
    changes to the Law, it becomes imperative to be kept abreast of these changes so as to remain relevant.
    Therefore, continuous formal and informal education is key.

SERVICES rendered per component:

  • Salary Negotiations
  • Conditions of Employment Negotiations


  • Recruitment drives nationally, onsite and online.
  • Represent the Organization at COSATU


  • Ongoing Campaigns- PPE, Marketing Nursing at Schools and Plight of a Nurse


  • Offer basic, intermediate and advanced training to shop stewards and leaders of DENOSA.
  • Partnered with DITSELA, COSATU, WORKERS COLLEGE, CCMA, and HWSETA to educate leaders on
    labour-related matters.

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For more information, contact:
BOC Coordinator: Matshidiso Dipudi