Celebrating 25 years of uniting nurses


North-West Nurse Educators

TB.MDR and HIV AIDS Workshop Report

COORDINATORS: Mr. Sipho Cornwell Khoza and Ms. Pertunia Bhiya.
FACILITATORS: Ms. M.D Chueu, Ms. Patricia Ntsele and Ms. Masala Silinda,Blantina Mabuela –

National Department of Health (NDoH) Master trainers.


The North-West DENOSA organizer Wayne Ntshabele welcomed all participants and facilitators on behalf of the Provincial Secretary Oscar Phaka. In his welcome address he overemphasized the need for nurse educators to unite and face the challenges that are threatening nurse education.

He also expressed concern about lack of nurse educators representatives in labour related activities and challenged them to agree amongst themselves to forward names before they disperse. He was particularly concerned that nurse educators are usually left out when workshops are conducted and they are silent about it. He applauded DPI and National Dept of Health for specifically rolling out TB/MDR –HIV/AIDS course to nurse educators as they are the backbone of the nursing profession.

He urged nurse educators to participate vacheron constantin world replica watches in the following DENOSA activities, i.e., the Marilyn Lahana nominations submission, the International Nurses Day (IND), the Second Nurses Conference and Positive Practice Environment.

The DENOSA Professional Institute (DPI) coordinator Mr. Sipho Khoza provided a brief background and purpose of the workshop, course materials, course sessions, course evaluation, the funding source and the details on the administration and implementation by University Research Council (URC) and DPI. The intention is to train two hundred (200) nurse educators in the country from Nursing Colleges, Universities, Private sector Institutions and Military Colleges in all nine provinces. The provincial TB coordinator could not avail herself for a presentation on the current background, achievements and challenges in North-West province. DPI coordinator Mr. Khoza Sipho was a program director for the four days of the workshop, responsible for the opening and closing in between and at end of the day sessions, concluding each presentation and crafting way forward.he participants were represented as follows from various institutions: 

– 8 (Eight) nurse educators from Excelcious Nursing College and sub campuses.
– 4(Four) nurse educators from Mmabatho college of nursing and sub campuses.
– 10(Ten) nurse educators from North-West university (Mafikeng campus) and sub campuses.
– No participants from North West University (Potchefstroom campus) on account of examination in progress.
– No participants from private institutions attended the workshop and the reasons for non-attendance are unknown.

We were expecting 29 participants who confirmed to attend and only 22 attended. 7 (seven) participants cancelled at the eleventh hour.

All participants introduced themselves and their expectations for the workshop were outlined. The ground rules to govern day to day activities were established and the sanctions in case of non-compliance or transgression were democratically set by participants. 

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