Celebrating 27 years of uniting nurses


Professional Wing


To continuously strive to become the preferred centre of excellence for nurses and other stakeholders’ education and training needs and concerns in collective bargaining, nursing and healthcare by providing relevant and accredited courses/modules and learning programmes.


DENOSA Professional Matters primary purpose of existence is identified by the following objectives:
• To transform approaches in the design and development of innovative and socio- economically relevant courses and learning programmes;
• Contribute to leadership development and management in collective bargaining, nursing; and healthcare
• In influence national policy in collective bargaining, nursing and health care;
• Provide research productivity and support in collective bargaining, nursing, and healthcare.

About Professional Wing

DENOSA Professional Matters is the professional wing of DENOSA and supports professional development of nurses in the workplace. The unit endeavours to instill a culture of research and continuous learning, in both nursing practice and nursing education. DENOSA Professiona Matters offers tailor-made training programmes and short courses for various departments or organisations on a number of areas within the health sphere, such as:

  • HIV/AIDS management;
  • TB/DOTS management (in conjunction with the ICN (International Council of Nurses);
  • Leadership for Change (in conjunction with the ICN);
  • Quality of Care in the form of ‘Health Workers For Change’ programme (Partnership between
    Soul City, DENOSA, Seriti, AIDS Consortium, HSRC and Positive Convention Network);
  • Women’s Health;
  • Risk Management (in conjunction with Glen and Insurance);
  • Occupational Health and Safety (incorporating Infection Control);
  • Shop Steward Training (with input by the RCN (Royal College of Nursing, UK);
  • Research Methodology in Nursing (including Nursing Ethics);
  • Nursing Education;
  • Nursing Management;
  • Nursing Leadership.

Through its education and training function, the DENOSA Professional Matters broadens both the vision and missions of DENOSA. In terms of its operations, the unit is regulated by the DENOSA Member Services Department (MSD), one of the two departments that constitute the larger DENOSA
organisational structure.