Celebrating 25 years of uniting nurses


Dear DENOSA members.

The correspondence dated 5 August 2022 bears a reference.

On 12 August 2022, parties went back to salary negotiations. In this meeting, employer was expected to respond to unions when they REJECTED the final offer of 2%. The employer did not make a move from 2%. Parties agreed to come back on 18 August 2022. In the meeting, the employer still maintained the Final Offer of 2%.

Given the latest response and stance of the employer, parties have reached a DEADLOCK at the PSCBC. 

Unions have declared a DISPUTE on 18 August in the council. The PSCBC will facilitate the process of dispute mechanism as provided by the constitution of the council. All parties will be subjected to this process trying to come closer to each other. 

Areas of Agreements:

1. Term of Agreement – Single [AGREED].

2. Continuation of Current Cash Gratuity of average R1000 [AGREED]

3. Continuation of Pay Progression of 1.5% As Per Sector [AGREED].

Areas of Disagreements:

1. Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA)

• Employer Final Offer at 2%.

• Labour Revised Demand at 8% MOVED from 10%.

2. Back Pay 

• Employer, No Back Pay – Increase will be effect on the Date of 

Signed Agreement. 

• Labour, Back Pay with effect from 1 APRIL 2022. 

We will keep you abreast on the process of the dispute mechanism. 


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