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DENOSA extended NEC meeting enters Day Two in Pretoria 

On Day Two of the DENOSA extended National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting at DENOSA Head Office in Pretoria, COSATU 1st Deputy President, Mike Shingange, addressed the meeting on behalf of COSATU mainly about COSATU’s National Day of Action on 24 August throughout the country. 

Shingange urged all workers to make 24 August 2022 remembered as the day that workers wore their hearts on their sleeves and as the day they joined hands and withdrew their labour and disengaged from the economy that continues to exploit them mercilessly every single day. 

He calls on every worker on every shopfloor to embolden the workers’ voice against budget cuts, rising unemployment, stagnant wages, rising fuel costs and the killing of State-Owned Entities (SOEs). 

He called on foot soldiers, the shop stewards, to mobilize the workers on the shopfloor for this important day. 

After concluding its business today, the NEC will adjourn as leaders will be part of the federation’s programme tomorrow throughout the country. 

Because the workers’ struggle was never a gesture of goodwill from the employers from time immemorial, the ‘No Work No Pay’ principle has been part and parcel of the workers’ strikes and workers have no expectations of a change of heart from the employer.

The national strike tomorrow is a protected action (Section 77 certificate issued by NEDLAC).


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