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DENOSA KZN Gender statement on how Women’s Month is turning out for women.

Media statement.

Sunday, 21 August 2022.

DURBAN – As this year’s Women’s Month draws nearer to its sunset, the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa’s (DENOSA) Gender structure in KwaZulu-Natal has noted with great sadness how Women’s emancipation is far from being realised when women continue to be on the receiving end of the social ills and getting killed brutally in the manner that they are.

The structure calls for the immediate intervention of the Department of Social Development as many factors that lead to the victimization of women are as a result of problems that are within the scope of work of the department.

In the words of former President Jacob Zuma, “Women have for decades played a critical role in the struggle for our liberation. They have also contributed immensely to the process of building a united, democratic, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous South Africa.”

With that in mind, we applaud each and every woman for their contribution in ensuring that we bear the fruits from the trees they planted and would like to encourage everyone in their corner to make a difference for a better future and to raise their voice in the face of injustice against women. 

In as much as we’ve observed the progress in our struggle, we cannot evade the fact that there’s still more that needs to be done as there are still challenges that women are facing, such as:

1. Violence and discrimination 

2. Poor access to the justice system 

3. High rate of poverty and unemployment as compared to men

4. Inequality between men and women

5. Sexual abuse

6. High rate of death of women in the hands of men

7. High HIV rate among young girls

8. Less representation of women in corporate sector 

9. Less representation of women in leadership positions etc. 

With the above challenges still persistent, the DENOSA KZN Gender structure calls for the following interventions:

1. An urgent need for women empowerment. 

2. Legislations to promote gender equity.

3. Elimination of all forms of discrimination against women

4. Increased number of women in leadership positions that also includes parliament. 

5. Effective justice system. 

On the unending scourge of Gender-Based Violence, history has proven that men play a huge role in this type of violence as perpetrators and sometimes leading to femicide. 

We therefore see the urgent need for liberation of men through ideological and political programmes that DENOSA will design to empower men in this regard. 

In KwaZulu-Natal, we are saddened by the recent brutal murder of our colleague in the month of August which is the women’s month. She was working as a phlebotomist at GJ Crookes Hospital. 

“We call for a proper plan to deal with social ills from the Department of Social Development,” says the Chairperson of DENOSA Gender structure in KwaZulu-Natal, Khumbuzile Kobo.

We can’t have women living in fear for their lives. Abuse of drugs is also a dominating factor that needs the urgent attention. We need a drugs-free society,” she stresses. 

The Department of Health needs to have effective and efficient employees’ wellness programmes for counseling and support. It is disheartening to learn about the abuse of an employee only when someone has lost their life. 

In conclusion, the DENOSA Gender structure would like to applaud the KZN leadership for recognizing women and entrusting them with leadership positions. The provincial cabinet brings hope to many women, and we pride ourselves for having a woman as a Premier of KZN.

Congratulations to Mama Nomsa Dube-Ncube. 

Igama lamakhosikazi malibongwe, 

Wathinta abafazi Wathinta imbokodo!!!


Issued by the Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) Gender Structure in KwaZulu-Natal.

For more information, contact:

Khumbuzile Kobo, DENOSA KZN Gender Committee Provincial Chairperson.

Mobile: 061 435 0529

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