Celebrating 27 years of uniting nurses

Dr Sindi Mthembu: Principal of KZN College of Nursing.

Career-pathing from legacy to higher education sub-framework.

Career pathing for all of us is important for one’s professional growth.

Background: transformation in higher education necessitated transition in learning areas, including nursing.

New nursing programmes should have started in January 2020. NEIs were busy trying to align to the new requirement.

2015, there was a big alignment of all 10 NQFs.

NQFs makes it easier for learners to move and progress.

Critical milestones in articulation of nursing qualifications.

Public nursing colleges and private nursing colleges were not part of the alignment of NHEQF higher education institutions together with their programmes, like R425, bridging etc.

SANC and CHE engagement on the articulation pathways for nurses on the NHEQF and their ultimate announcement in 2022 is good news for all legacy qualification holders as it will allow them for vertical, horizontal and diagonal movement of students.

NQF Levels:

At Post-Graduate (PG)

Level 8 – PG and Honours

Level 9 – Masters

Level 10 – PhD

At Under-graduate (UG):

Level 4 – Matric

Level 5 – Higher Certificate

Level 6 – three year Diploma

Level 7 – Batchelor degree.


Level 4 &5 (ENs) can apply for three year Diploma (R171).

Level 6 – can apply to do Batchelor by doing Advanced Diploma in Nursing.

R425 (or GN with Midwifery) and R171 can progress to do post-graduate diplomas specialist of their choice anytime from now.

Career path for nurses is now clear.

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