Celebrating 27 years of uniting nurses

Professor Agnes Makhene.

Unprofessional Conduct.

We still find that our colleagues still behave unprofessionally.

Unprofessional conducts could be as a result of difficulties in a personal/professional life affecting their work-life balance.


Cases that we’ve had and finalized as the Council.

Maternity related. 29%

Poor nursing care. 25%

Medication-related. 10%

I personally think we need to change the way we think. Those that report to us and those that we supervise need to change the way they do business.

Types of cases per province. Gauteng and KZN have reported a number of cases. “But in Gauteng and KZN, people are aware of their rights and they report unprofessional Conduct cases. In provinces with less cases, you find that members of the community do not report those cases.”

It is in our hands as the profession to fix that which is wrong in our profession, despite the challenges we face in the profession.

There is no justification for conducting ourselves unprofessionally.

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