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Legal consequences of unprofessional conduct cases.


Legal consequences of unprofessional conduct cases.

By Ms Kaseke.

“Nurses should not be easily intimidated. If we had that, we could have half the cases that we have could be halved.”

Often the cases are caused by the failure to act, more than acting. And most cases are caused by nurses becoming too easily intimidated.

We used to be called comprehensive nurses, with psychiatric nursing which made me who I am. But now we are going back and will produce nurses without the Psychiatric nursing that produced me, for instance…

Because nurses are intimidated easily, we tend to lose lives. One nurse could not assist a fellow colleague because the matron wanted a report.

Nurses also talk about what happens in the ward, where they take pictures and end up in trouble.

Law emphasises on the protection of rights.

Unfortunately, where ethics are not followed the that invokes the law to take its cause.

Patients recovery records are deteriorating, with more funds being channeled towards the lawsuits.

Legal recourse that patients have is taken from Section 27 which says everyone has a right to life and that no one must be refused emergency care.

Section 34 of the constitution also gives everyone the right to access to courts.

Blaming them, unfortunately, does not take away those rights.

Legal consequences of unprofessional Conduct are litigations because patients’ rights have been violated.

Many nurses are forced to go and attend to courts because they failed to act or were not assertive enough to be state what is was right.

Please put more emphasis on ethics when you tech nurses.

There have been also cases where nurses face the unprofessional Conduct cases because they were busy using their cellphones.

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