Celebrating 25 years of uniting nurses

DENOSA and ECSACON to host meeting of nursing bodies from East, Central and Southern Africa to discuss region’s standardized nursing specialist programmes on 18-20 August in Sandton 

MEDIA ALERT  Tuesday, 16 August 2022    PRETORIA – As the shortage of specialist nurses in the African continent is starting to become a headache for various countries, which has already seen South Africa’s Department of Home Affairs adding many nurse specialists onto the Scarce Skills List, nursing bodies and organisations in the East, Central and … Read more

DENOSA holds five-day training for provincial educators in Pretoria 

PRETORIA – DENOSA is holding a five-day Educators’ Training at the DENOSA Head Offices in Pretoria, courtesy of Workers World Media Production, where the organisation’s educators from all provinces are in attendance.  From this training, the educators will train shop stewards in provinces, which will strengthen DENOSA’s case representation for members in the workplace.   … Read more

DENOSA Member Service Committee holds its meeting in Pretoria.

DENOSA Member Service Committee (MSC), a sub-committee of the National Executive Committee (NEC), held its two-day meeting (which commenced from 11 August until 12 August) at the DENOSA Head Office in Pretoria.  The MSC deals with matters that relate to servicing of DENOSA members in the country as both healthcare professionals and workers (professional and … Read more

ICN calls for stronger codes for ethical recruitment of nurses and investment in nursing education 

  Geneva, Switzerland; 11 August 2022 – Several BBC news outlets have recently reported on the over-reliance of many high-income countries on foreign-trained nurses, quoting the International Council of Nurses’ (ICN) warning that the shortage of healthcare workers is the greatest threat to global health. According to a BBC analysis of data from NHS Digital, the share of … Read more


The correspondence dated 12 July 2022 bears a reference. Parties went back to the table of salary negotiations today, 5 August 2022 at PSCBC.  Unions were expected to respond to the Final Offer of the Employer that was tabled on 7 July 2022. In today’s meeting, labour/unions responded as follow: 1. Members are REJECTING the … Read more

DENOSA Recruitment Committee meet over recruitment plan

DENOSA’s Recruitment Committee held its meeting at the DENOSA head offices in Pretoria today, where it discussed ways and strategies to unify and solidify the nurses’ voice under the umbrella of DENOSA. The Recruitment Committee is a sub-committee of DENOSA’s National Executive Committee (NEC).