Celebrating 27 years of uniting nurses

Opening remarks by the Chairperson of SANC: Dr Moshibudi Molepo


Opening remarks by the Chairperson of SANC: Dr Moshibudi Molepo.


Welcome members of the 16th SANC Council and all the nurse leaders and managers of our country, the clinical practitioners, researchers, educators and student chapters.

All the 500 of you here physically and 1000 who have joined virtually. This is the second Indaba we are having; the first one was in 2018.

We will give the snapshot of what we have achieved over the last five years.

COVID-19 came and consumed us all.

In the Presidential Health Summit that we held last week, one of the 10 pillars that was added was “Pandemic Preparedness”.

She said she believed this pillar will assist the country to deal better with any pandemic that comes to the SA shores.

She also cited the essence of including Technology that will assist the nurses to do their work better. “We are the bone of the healthcare system, and we are the future of the healthcare system.”

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